Winning Ways – Getting to where you want to be

#Middlebury #WinningWays Insights for Constructive Living by Pat Iannuzzi If asked about the direction of our lives, I think most of us would probably respond that we still have some ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – Putting failure in perspective

#Middlebury #WinningWays by Pat Iannuzzi If offered a choice between success and failure, most people would choose success. Unfortunately, we usually aren’t permitted to pick ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – What if you knew you couldn’t fail?

#Middlebury #WinningWays Insights for Constructive Living by Pat Iannuzzi What if you had an important goal you wanted to accomplish in the next few months, and you knew you absolutely ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – How do you make people feel?

#MIDDLEBURY Insights for Constructive Living by Pat Iannuzzi We all regularly interact with other people in both social and work situations. From the moment we first meet someone, a ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – What is your limiting factor?

#MIDDLEBURY Insights for constructive living by Pat Iannuzzi For success in any undertaking, usually four or five critical factors must be mastered. Proficiency in only one or two factors ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – Slay the silent attitude killer: Eat the frog first

by Pat Iannuzzi William James, one of the pioneers in modern psychology, is credited with saying, “Procrastination is attitude’s natural assassin. There is nothing so fatiguing ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – Winning with enthusiasm

by Pat Iannuzzi Enthusiasm is an emotional state characterized by interest, passion and excitement. Being enthusiastic means acting in an animated and eager manner regarding a person, ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – Visualization: The power of mental rehearsal

by Pat Iannuzzi Visualization involves using our imagination to create an idea or picture in our minds of what we want to have, be or accomplish. It can be an effective technique for ... Continue Reading →

Winning Ways – Learn to love feedback

Insights for Constructive Living by PAT IANNUZZI All of us tend to respond to some degree to the feedback our environment continually generates in response to our daily behaviors. ... Continue Reading →

Don’t take it personally

WINNING WAYS – Insights for Constructive Living by PAT IANNUZZI In a small village near Tokyo there once lived a great Samurai, now old, who spent his days teaching Zen Buddhism ... Continue Reading →