Deodorizing musty closets

THIS IS A HAMMER By Samantha Mazzotta Q: The closets throughout our home are extremely musty-smelling, to the point that our clothes don’t stay fresh when hung up in them for ... Continue Reading →

A naturally clean home

Q: I’m making a move away from using unnecessary chemicals in my home, including cleaning products – not just for my family’s health but for the environment. Are there ... Continue Reading →

Fixing a damaged roof shingle

Q: While doing a quick visual scan of the roof, I noticed a couple of areas where the asphalt shingles were chipped or even lifted a little. I didn’t find any leaks in the attic. ... Continue Reading →

One-sided windows won’t come clean

Q: I clean my apartment windows every week, but I can’t clean the outside. If I lift the window and reach around outside, I can get just the bottom part of the window. We’re ... Continue Reading →

Porch smells funky

Q: I have an enclosed front porch that has a moisture and mildew problem. Even on days that are just humid, not rainy, the porch smells musty and mildewy. There also is a carpet across ... Continue Reading →