Preserve name honors Irene Walker

#Middlebury #MLT     By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY Irene Mabel Walker was an impressive woman, a really talented entrepreneur who was very generous in her final bequests. Middlebury ... Continue Reading →

Family fun coming to Bronson Meadow

#Middlebury #MLT By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY For over 30 years now, the 6.3-acre field on the north side of route 188 near Pies and Pub – Bronson Meadow, a Middlebury Land (MLT) property ... Continue Reading →

Turtles need our help

#Middlebury #Turtles By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY Basking in the sun on a log, gliding beneath kayaks on Lake Quassapaug, or trying to cross a busy road, turtles are a special part of ... Continue Reading →

Arborist trims notable tree

#Middlebury #CucumberMagnolia By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY On a windy, blustery Arbor Day people from around the state came to Middlebury to care for a very special Connecticut Champion ... Continue Reading →

Invasive plants damage the environment

By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY Around here, until recently we had a locally famous escapee, Buddy the Beefalo, since captured and moved to an animal sanctuary in Florida. His last minute ... Continue Reading →

Some critters sound similar

#Middlebury #MLT   By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY You probably recognize by sound or sight many animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that live around our part of Connecticut. Or ... Continue Reading →

Adventures of the Peck-Nichols house

#Middlebury #MiddleburyLandTrust #Peck-NicholsHouse     By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY When one thinks of adventures, they tend to think they’re experienced by people, or dogs. ... Continue Reading →

Watch for winter wildlife

#Middlebury #MiddleburyLandTrust By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY Two things make it easier to observe wildlife in the cold midwinter. Trees and shrubs that have shed their leaves make visibility ... Continue Reading →

Explore Tuttle Preserve trails

#Middlebury #MLT   By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY With the New Year upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading my articles and those who have ... Continue Reading →

Ski Middlebury trails

#Middlebury #Skiing By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY This year has been extraordinary for so many reasons: the pandemic, the busiest hurricane season on record, amazingly warm weather early ... Continue Reading →