Library Lines – Starting and ending with cookbooks

#MIDDLEBURY By DONNA HINE Editor’s Note: We are very grateful for the contributions Donna Hine has made to the newspaper over the years. We hope our readers will let her know ... Continue Reading →

Library Lines – Read about organizing, Kennedy, Martha’s Vineyard

#MIDDLEBURY By DONNA HINE If you haven’t yet experienced the fun of reading and following Marie Kondo’s books, you are in for a treat. The books were recommended to me by a few ... Continue Reading →

New arrivals offer wide range of reading

Library Lines By DONNA HINE How does one actually put down a book written by Bill Bryson? Honestly, it is addictive! “The Road to Little Dribbling” (914.104 BRY) is just as funny ... Continue Reading →

Many good books to choose among

By DONNA HINE Some months it seems difficult to find good books to write about and others, like this one, it’s difficult to winnow down the choices to just five. I’m completely ... Continue Reading →

Make time to enjoy a new book or two over the holidays

December is a very busy time as we prepare for our respective holidays. But we still need to fit some time into our schedules for some good reads. Here are some of the latest arrivals ... Continue Reading →

New books are mix of nonfiction and fiction

By DONNA HINE Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis’s “Choosing Hope: Moving Forward from Life’s Darkest Hours” (371.7 ROI) is a difficult book to read. Written by the teacher whose room ... Continue Reading →

Light summer reads, warm-weather cookbooks

By DONNA HINE So here we are – summer at last! This month, I looked at light summer reads and helpful warm-weather cookbooks, and I also threw in a couple of wild-card books – all ... Continue Reading →

Make time for reading good books

By DONNA HINE As you read this, your mind is probably on almost anything but relaxing with a good book – or reading suggestions for good books! But we really should take time out ... Continue Reading →

Christmas fiction is arriving at the library

By DONNA HINE Can you believe all the Christmas items in the stores already? They were on display before we even celebrated Halloween! The year is speeding along, but holly and tinsel ... Continue Reading →

Library Lines – September 2014

Back to school/work new books are here By DONNA HINE Even though you are reading this in September, it was written during the dog days of summer – those hot, humid days in the beginning ... Continue Reading →