Sports Quiz 061314



1. Who was the first designated hitter to homer in a World Series game?
2. Name the last Texas Rangers pitcher to record a 20-win season.
3. Name the first non-SEC team to beat two top-10 SEC college football teams in consecutive games.
4. In 2014, Orlando Magic rookie Victor Oladipo played 57 minutes in a game. Who were the last NBA rookies to play at least 57 minutes in a game?
5. Who has the most power-play goals in Edmonton Oilers history?
6. Name the first NASCAR driver to win an ARCA, a Nationwide, a Sprint Cup and a Camping World truck race at Daytona during his career.
7. When was the last time before 2014 that Britain beat the U.S. in tennis’ Davis Cup?

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1. The Reds’ Dan Driessen, in 1976.
2. Rick Helling won 20 games in 1998.
3. Clemson beat No. 9 LSU at the Chick-fil-A Bowl in 2012, then defeated No. 5 Georgia in September 2013.
4. Ray Felix and Bob Houbregs of the Baltimore Bullets each played 63 minutes in a game in 1954.
5. Glenn Anderson and Ryan Smyth are tied with 126 power-play goals each.
6. Kyle Busch completed the feat in 2014.
7. It was 1935.

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