Letter to the Editor – Power plant impact on Oxford

#Middlebury #Oxford #TowanticPowerPlant To the Editor: We are experiencing the browning of Oxford. Anyone who thinks that Oxford has a rural character may want to drive by the titan ... Continue Reading →

McCormack says first selectman must keep town on budget

To the Editor: What part of the word “budget” doesn’t Middlebury First Selectman Ed St. John understand? In a recent article in the Waterbury paper that highlighted the Board ... Continue Reading →

Strobel and St. John take responsible approach

To the Editor: Every responsible household must maintain a stable and effective budget. The math is simple: money spent cannot exceed revenues. Capital expended is a necessary combination ... Continue Reading →

Putting Middlebury First

To the Editor: On Tuesday, Nov. 3, Middlebury residents will be faced with a choice between two very different slates of candidates. Our town is at a critical juncture, and will be ... Continue Reading →

McCormack is no friend of Middlebury seniors

To the Editor: Mr. St. John established an Elderly Tax Relief Committee in September 2007 to study and recommend means by which needy seniors in Middlebury could receive tax relief ... Continue Reading →

Middlebury had nothing to do with MVFD Inc. formation

To The Editor: As a former member of the Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department and former chairman of the Middlebury Fire Commission, I felt it necessary to respond to Mr. Lewis S. Clark’s ... Continue Reading →

Town is as safe as before Perrotti arrest

To the Editor: Former Middlebury Fire Chief Paul J. Perrotti’s attorney, Martin Minnella, said residents of Middlebury are less safe without Mr. Perroti at the helm of the Middlebury ... Continue Reading →

Power plant savings less than $35 a year

To the Editor: According to an exhibit recently submitted to the Connecticut Siting Council by Competitive Power Ventures, $34.12 a year off of our electric bills will be what Connecticut ... Continue Reading →

Power plant should not be built

To the Editor: A dirty fuel energy “start-up” plant is obsolete in the 21st century. Methane is a dirty fossil fuel that generates carbon dioxide (CO2). It adds to climate change, ... Continue Reading →

Public input vital to power plant defeat

To the Editor: The Connecticut Siting Council (CSC) public meeting on Jan. 15 in Oxford concerning the proposed CPV Towantic Energy gas/oil power plant provided Oxford, Middlebury, ... Continue Reading →