Senior News Line – Are you dreading the holidays?

#Middlebury #SeniorNewsLine #holidays By MATILDA CHARLES Are you already dreading the holidays? If you are, you’re not alone. Many seniors feel the pressures of lack of money ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Will your money last through retirement?

#Middlebury #SeniorNewsLine #Retirement by Matilda Charles Think you have your retirement financial planning well in hand? Well, a new study shows you might be in for a rude surprise ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Medicare enrollment open through Dec. 7

#Middlebury #SeniorNewsLine #MedicareOpenEnrollment By Matilda Charles Medicare has open enrollment every year between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7. It’s the only time you can make changes ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Drink coffee, live longer

#Middlebury #SeniorNewsLine By Matilda Charles Once again, studies have shown that drinking coffee helps us live longer. This time they’ve taken it a step farther – it doesn’t ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Think you’re too old for a pet? Fiddlesticks!

#Middlebury #Seniors #RescuePet by Matilda Charles One of the saddest things I’ve overheard lately was a woman who’d just lost her very senior cat. She’d loved that ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Retirement changes everything

#Middlebury #Seniors #Retirement By Matilda Charles We work and work all those years, aiming for a good retirement when we can kick back and relax. For too many of us, though, retirement ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Financial abuse often not reported

#MIDDLEBURY By Matilda Charles The statistics on elder financial abuse are ugly. Abuse victims lose roughly $2.6 billion per year. One in every 20 seniors admits to being the victim ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Thinking of going back to work?

#SENIORS #MIDDLEBURY by Matilda Charles If you’ve considered going back to work, either for financial reasons or to have something to do, there are a number of jobs that might ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – Why hospitals need seniors-only wards

#MIDDLEBURY by Matilda Charles Supposedly we go to the hospital to get better. Too often, however, we come out in much worse condition than when we went in. Kaiser Health News has written ... Continue Reading →

Senior News Line – It’s Easier to Find a Good Nursing Home

#MIDDLEBURY By Matilda Charles Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website now has the long-awaited star ratings. Announced months ago, the site has added six more quality measurements ... Continue Reading →