Water dog isn’t a fan of snow, cold

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DEAR PAW’S CORNER: Do different types of dogs handle cold weather differently? My big Lab mix, Gertie, hates going out in the cold, even though she’s a good-sized dog (maybe a little too much, if you know what I mean). A few days ago on a morning walk in near-zero degree temperatures, we met two of Gertie’s neighborhood buddies, both small dogs. They were having a great time with their owner, romping around in the snow, while Gertie was whimpering the whole time we were out. How can I get her to deal with the cold better? – Paul in Burlington, Mass.

DEAR PAUL: Even though bigger dogs tend to do better in cold weather, every pup is an individual and has its own preferences. Gertie is clearly not a fan of cold weather, while her neighbors love being out in it and playing in the snow. That said, she shouldn’t just stay inside all the time, and you’re not taking her outside for very long.

Try placing Gertie in a doggie sweater and booties anytime the temperature drops below 40 F. Take her for the usual walk – no more and no less – and give her lots of praise before and after going outside. She may do much better with the sweater, even if she doesn’t really need it.

If Gertie still doesn’t handle cold weather well, minimize her time in it. She still needs to get in some active time or she’ll gain more weight. Maybe she’d have fun spending a day or two each week at a doggie daycare that includes lots of time running and playing with other dogs in a common space.

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