Ever thought about having a roommate?

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So many seniors live alone, and the last thing you want is to move just because the house becomes too much to handle on your own. Or maybe your property taxes went up and your $3 Social Security increase won’t cover it.

What if you had a roommate? The first instinct might be to say no to that idea. You don’t want a stranger sharing your space.

But think about that. What if you had someone to help shovel the walk the next time it snows? Or someone whose rent payment means you can stay in your home? Or even, on a more friendly level, someone to play chess or cards with?

Start by calling the senior center, Council on Aging or local social services office to ask if they know of a roommate matching service. Once you locate one, be prepared to be extremely honest in what you’re looking for. If you can’t stand to be around people drinking alcohol, say so. If you go to bed early and need the house quiet by a certain time at night, say that, too. The more honest you are, the more likely you are to find a roommate who is compatible. Be sure to have credit and background checks done.

The best possible situation might be if there’s a college near you. A student who’s old enough not to be required to live in the dorm (sophomore or older), who is tired of the noise of a dorm, who needs peace and quiet to study, who’s tired of cafeteria food, who is struggling on a budget … that kind of roommate might be perfect.

Don’t say no until you’ve given it some thought!

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