Hallmark movie starring James Brolin premieres this month

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Q: James Brolin has always been one of my favorite actors, ever since his “Hotel” days. Can you tell me what he has going on now? Ñ Janet F., Fort Meyers, Fla.

A: Up next for James is the Hallmark movie “Royal Hearts,” which premieres Saturday, Feb. 24. And James is no stranger to Hallmark: His credits include the popular holiday movies “Christmas With Tucker” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

James Brolin stars in “Royal Hearts,” which premieres Feb. 24. (Crown Media/Jasper Savage photo)

I spoke with James recently about his latest project, and he gave me the scoop. “A line producer on this project called me and said: ‘How would you feel about doing a movie in Romania about a cowboy who inherits a country because he’s the last of a lineage of kings?’ I loved the idea, so I sat down with a writer friend and went over what we could do with it, and began to develop the beats of the story.”

A caveat for starring in the film would be that he would also direct, a skill with which Brolin is not unfamiliar: “I entered this business wanting to be a director, and I kept getting pushed in front of the camera. I wasn’t very comfortable or good at it all those years, so I really studied the art behind it, trying to get over my fears and my dislike of saying words into a machine. The whole time, I always had the latest camera. I had my own darkroom when I was 10, and my first movie camera when I was 15. But it wasn’t until I was in the beginning of the second year of ‘Hotel’ where Aaron Spelling said, ‘OK, you can direct one.’”

If you’re in the mood for fun family entertainment, take it from James himself: “I think this is the best Hallmark film ever made. That’s a real self-centered comment, but I do believe that. I invite someone to come up to me with a DVD and say, ‘Hey, this one’s better.’ Because the only time I learn anything is when I’m wrong.”

Q: Can you tell me when “American Idol” returns? Who is involved in it this time around? Ñ Davey R. via email

A: The hit reality show that promises to find the next great singer moves from Fox to ABC for its 16th season, beginning Sunday, March 11, at 8/7c. Ryan Seacrest will return as host, with Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan as judges. The format looks like it will be the same as previous seasons, but I must admit – I will always hope for a Simon Cowell cameo.

READERS: As you probably already know, the nominees have been announced for the 90th Academy Awards, which are set to air Sunday, March 4, on ABC. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel will be the host for the second consecutive year. For the full list of Oscar nominees, head over to celebrityextraonline.com and see if your favorites are represented.

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