Tips for dealing with Old Man Winter

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Brrr. Over half the country is being brutalized by cold weather, and unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be long-term. Spring will come eventually, but meanwhile we need to take care of ourselves, our homes and our pets.


  • If you have to go out in the cold, dress in layers. Don’t forget your hat, gloves and thick scarf.
  • Know in advance where the closest warming shelters are in your town.
  • Keep a radio handy, plus batteries, for weather news.
  • Carry a tiny flashlight in your pocket at all times, in case the power goes out.
  • Don’t forget to eat! Drink plenty of water.

Our Homes

  • Sprinkle road salt, sand or even kitty litter on your sidewalks and stairs.
  • Keep your cellphone charged up.
  • Close blinds and curtains against drafts. Be sure the temperature inside is at least 68 F, because we seniors feel the cold more than we used to.
  • If you run a space heater, don’t leave it unattended. If you leave the room, turn it off.
  • Even if you live in an apartment building, beware any sink, tub or shower that is on an outside wall. Try to keep the faucets open so a small trickle keeps the water moving.
  • If the worst happens and your pipes freeze, never try to thaw them out with any gadget that involves a flame. It’s time to call in reinforcements, like your plumber.

Our Pets

  • If you walk a dog, put a doggie sweater on it and get it back in the house quickly.
  • If you have a cat, keep it inside. Don’t let a pet stay outside, even if it has shelter.

For more information, go online to or call your local senior center for tips and help … and think warm thoughts.

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