Sports Quiz – Jan. 6, 2018

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  1. Who was the last Boston Red Sox pitcher before Rick Porcello (22 wins) in 2016 to win 20 or more games in a season?
  2. Name the last player before Houston’s Jose Altuve (2014-17) to have at least four consecutive 200-hit seasons.
  3. Indianapolis’ Adam Vinatieri set an NFL record in 2016 for most consecutive made field goals (44). Who had held the mark?
  4. Who was the first U.S. male player to win two Olympic basketball gold medals?
  5. Since the NHL adopted its current playoff format in 1994, how many times has a No. 1 seed been swept in the first round?
  6. When was the last World Cup before 2018 for which both the Italian and the U.S. men’s soccer teams failed to qualify?
  7. Who was the last French cyclist to win the Tour de France?

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  1. Josh Beckett won 20 games in 2007.
  2. Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki, 2001-10.
  3. Mike Vanderjagt, with 42 in a row (2002-04).
  4. Bob Kurland, in 1948 and 1952.
  5. Once – the Chicago Blackhawks, in 2017.
  6. It was in 1958.
  7. Bernard Hinault, in 1985.

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