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Have you broken your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s not too late to try again. But this time, why not go with just two? One for you, and one for others.

Here are a few for you:

  • Give the local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars a try if you’re not a regular member. You’ll get out of it what you put in. Participate in the events and help with their goals, especially if they involve helping other veterans.
  • Organize your paperwork so that when the time comes, your final wishes will be known. See a lawyer and make a will, then gather your military paperwork, and let someone know where it is. Include your DD-214.
  • Ask questions to be sure you’re getting all the benefits you’re entitled to. Home loans, education and medical are just the tip of the iceberg.

And a few for others:

  • Plan a visit to the closest Department of Veterans Affairs hospital to see how you can help. Contact voluntary services and see what they need. If you’re not near a medical center, search online for “veterans helping veterans.”
  • If you served during a war period, look into adding your story to the Veterans History Project. The stories of veterans are valuable (and so is yours) and can be told in many ways. Go online to and see how how you can participate.
  • Decide to be a monthly Secret Santa and anonymously send a grocery store gift card to a veteran you know is struggling, especially if there are kids in the family.

If it seems like some of the ideas above are a combination of good for you and good for others too, you’re right. Sometimes doing for others actually benefits us as well.

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