Schools close, warming centers open, parking ban starts

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Region 15 schools will be closed Thursday, Jan. 4, because of the snow storm. Most Connecticut schools are closed because of the weather.

Middlebury residents who need a warming center can go to Pomperaug High School at 234 Judd Road in Southbury, Shepardson Community Center at 1172 Whittemore Road in Middlebury or the Middlebury Fire Department at 65 Tucker Hill Road in Middlebury.

Middlebury Police Chief Fran Dabbo, on behalf of his department and the Middlebury Public Works Department, reminds residents that winter weather conditions present several challenges that do not exist at other times of the year and a shared effort is necessary to keep town roads safe.

SNOW AND ICE CONDITIONS: The Public Works Department strives to keep town roads open and passable during and after winter storms. For everyone’s safety, travelers who use town roads are expected to exercise due care and reasonable caution.

PARKING BAN: In an effort to keep town roads passable during and after winter storms, a Town of Middlebury ordinance establishes a winter parking ban. No vehicle may stand or park on any highway of the town in such a manner as to constitute a hazard or obstruction to traffic during the time of falling snow, sleet, or freezing rain, or to hamper or interfere with the effective removal, plowing, or sanding of snow or ice on these highways.

Any vehicle so standing or parked is considered a menace to traffic and a danger to the general welfare of the public. Owners who park their vehicles in violation of this ordinance shall be fined not less than twenty dollars ($20)  nor more than thirty-five dollars ($35). In addition vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense in accordance with Section 14-150 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

ROADSIDE PARKING: When weather permits and vehicles are parked on the side of a road, operators are reminded that vehicles are to be parked facing the direction of traffic flow. Vehicles should not be parked facing the wrong way toward traffic.


ROADSIDE BASKETBALL HOOPS: A possible hazard exists when portable basketball hoops are placed on the side of the roadway. The hoop can extend into the travel lane and can cause damage to passing vehicles or snow removal equipment. With the arrival of winter, residents are required to either remove these poles or at least move them well off the road. The Town is responsible for removing snow to the curb or the edge of the pavement.

MAILBOXES: Before the ground freezes solid, please take a few minutes to make sure your mailboxes are securely fastened to a sturdy post that is securely anchored into the ground and will withstand the impact of snow or slush cascading off of plows.

SNOW BANKS: Children often like to play in the snow piles on the side of the road or at the end of a road. This poses the danger of plow truck drivers not seeing children playing in them, especially if it is snowing. Creating caves or tunnels in snow banks is very dangerous as they can be struck by a snow plow or collapse. Also the openings may get covered by additional tons of snow being plowed from the road.




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