Must-have accessories for cold weather

#MIDDLEBURY #GIFTIDEA Texting While Warm This winter, you don’t need to resort to fingerless gloves or no gloves at all to be able to use your smartphone while outdoors. Continue ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Nov. 30, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Any Common Desolation Ellen Bass can be enough to make you look up at the yellowed leaves of the apple tree, the few that survived the rains and frost, shot with late afternoon ... Continue Reading →

Tips to keep your family healthy and happy this winter

#MIDDLEBURY (StatePoint) With colder weather comes an increase in weather-related illness and health issues. From activity levels to mood, diet and more, seasonal weather affects all ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Nov. 28, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Glacier National Park & The Elegy Prageeta Sharma for Mike, July 2016 After Dale’s sudden cancer, his body wasting swiftly to death, I didn’t believe in ... Continue Reading →

5 steps to take to prep your home for winter weather

#MIDDLEBURY #WINTER #WEATHERIZE #FROST #FREEZE (StatePoint) This winter, stay ahead of frost and freezing temperatures by taking some easy steps to get your home ready for the cold ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Nov. 27, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Lunchtime with Woodwinds Alli Warren I wish I could write a song to make the world yield to this rushing lapping what starts tonguing what parts any possible other world ... Continue Reading →

A Sporting View – Hope you’re happy now, Chicago

#MIDDLEBURY By Mark Vasto We all hope you’re happy now, Chicago. The World Series championship … I mean, that’s just great for you, Chicago, except for one little ... Continue Reading →

Sports Quiz – Nov. 26, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY By Chris Richcreek Questions In 2015, pitcher Zack Greinke became the third Los Angeles Dodgers right-handed pitcher in the modern era to have six straight starts without ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Nov. 26, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Song as Abridged Thesis of George Perkin Marsh’s Man & Nature Major Jackson (Poem on the Occasion of the Centenary of the National Park Service) The pendulous ... Continue Reading →

Panthers lose Thanksgiving Eve game to Notre Dame

#POMPERAUG #MIDDLEBURY #POMP_CHEER #POMPJUNGLE_16 By Ken Morse – Special to the Middlebury Bee-Intelligencer The Pomperaug Panthers were stunned when Notre Dame of Fairfield ... Continue Reading →