EIDC recommends tax abatement

#MIDDLEBURY By TERRENCE S. MCAULIFFE The Middlebury Economic and Industrial Development Commission (EIDC) at its Sept. 27 meeting unanimously recommended a tax abatement for a Newtown ... Continue Reading →

Middlebury EIDC launches website

#MIDDLEBURY The Town of Middlebury Connecticut launched a new website to promote the town as a great place to live and work. The website is middleburyeconomicdevelopment-ct.org. Middlebury’s ... Continue Reading →

O’ pumpkin pie, your time has come ’round again and I am autumnrifically happy! ~ Terri Guillemets Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Middlebury Land Trust properties – October 2016

#MIDDLEBURY By JANINE SULLIVAN-WILEY Nobody guessed the September mystery photo – it was Turtle Pond. This Middlebury Land Trust (MLT) property is just over eight acres, two of which ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Sept. 30, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Shared Plight Kamilah Aisha Moon Bound to whims, bred solely for circuses of desire. To hell with savannahs, towns like Rosewood. Domestics or domesticated, one name or ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Sept. 29, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Resurrection Alison Hawthorne Deming My friend a writer and scientist has retreated to a monastery where he has submitted himself out of exhaustion to not knowing. He’s ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Sept. 28, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Deer at Twilight Paula Bohince Darkness wounds the barley, etching it with denser clouds. A herd sends its envoy out to nose the garbage at road’s edge before creeping ... Continue Reading →

Panthers fall short against New Milford

#MIDDLEBURY #PHS #PANTHERS By KEN MORSE – Special to the Bee-Intelligencer Pomperaug fell behind 14-0 to New Milford Sept. 23 before battling back to make a game of it. But the ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Sept. 27, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Amaze Adelaide Crapsey I know Not these my hands And yet I think there was A woman like me once had hands Like these. About this poem “Amaze” was published in ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – Sept. 26, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Letters Ralph Waldo Emerson Every day brings a ship, Every ship brings a word; Well for those who have no fear, Looking seaward well assured That the word the vessel brings Is ... Continue Reading →