Lock your vehicles!

#MIDDLEBURY Middlebury’s Acting Police Chief Fran Dabbo said Saturday night, June 25, into Sunday morning, June 26, cars and trucks were broken into in the Brookside subdivision ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – June 30, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Animal Prudence Kathy Fagan Mice drink the rainwater before dying by the poison we set in the cupboard for them. They come for the birdseed, and winter is so grey here the ... Continue Reading →

LPOS discusses status in unofficial meeting

#MIDDLEBURY By TERRENCE S. MCAULIFFE The Middlebury Land Preservation and Open Space Acquisition Committee (LPOS) on Wednesday, June 1, did not hold an official meeting, but did update ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – June 27, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Coventry Lake Bruce Cohen My closest friend emigrated West, petrified To hop a jet back home; I exist in an equally isolated East where fish are oblivious to their own Water, ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – June 26, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY A Fold of Sun Magdalena Zurawski We decided I should go alone on foot. I would find him in the pharmacy. If he said ‘In the head of God all propositions have existed always,’ ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – June 25, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Drone Kazim Ali Do strangers make you human Science fiction visiting bodies as cold fact What unknown numbers govern our genes or phones A constant thrum from outer space Snow ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – June 24, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY Only a Dad Edgar Guest Only a dad with a tired face, Coming home from the daily race, Bringing little of gold or fame, To show how well he has played the game, But glad ... Continue Reading →

Sports Quiz – June 23, 2016

SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek Name the last major-league player to hit .380 or better in a season. Barry and Bobby Bonds were the first major-league father-son combination to each ... Continue Reading →

Veteran transitions study is eye-opener

#VETERANS VETERANS POST by Freddy Grove The RAND Corporation has spent a decade researching concerns for veterans, especially when it comes to transitioning to civilian life. It recently ... Continue Reading →

Poem A Day – June 23, 2016

#MIDDLEBURY A Fixed Idea Amy Lowell What torture lurks within a single thought When grown too constant; and however kind, However welcome still, the weary mind Aches with its presence. ... Continue Reading →