MVFD Fire Calls Week of Sept. 21 through Week of Oct. 5, 2014

09-21 at 05:44 – 40 Yale Ave. Forcible entry incident. FD were able to make access through front door.

09-24 at 07:06 – Route 64. Three-car motor vehicle accident with injuries. Two patients transported by Campion Ambulance.

09-24 at 13:00 – Standby at fire headquarters. Mutual aid to Naugatuck. Ladder truck to stand by in quarters.

09-24 at 17:04 – Straits Turnpike. Smell of natural gas. Nothing found. Blow-off from gas vent.

09-25 at 23:15 – 765 Straits Turnpike. Elevator rescue. Accidental user error by cleaning crew.

09-26 at 13:29 – I-84 East. Two-car motor vehicle accident. No injuries. Campion took refusals.

09-26 at 14:18 – Straits Turnpike. Minor two-car motor vehicle accident. No injuries. Campion took two refusals.

09-26 at 15:46 – I-84 West. Motor vehicle accident. One vehicle under tractor-trailer truck carrying propane. Tank was empty. Stood by until wrecker removed the vehicle.

09-27 at 10:16 – 4 Colonial Court. Called to illegal burn. FD extinguished fire and homeowner was advised of the need to obtain a burning permit.

09-29 at 06:32 – 775 South St. Activated fire alarm. False alarm.

10-02 at 10:06 – 147 North Farms Road. Fire alarm activation. Alarm set off by workers on the scene. Alarm was to be reset at 17:00 hours.

10-02 at 10:19 – 1320 Whittemore Road. Activated fire alarm. Alarm caused by faulty smoke detector.

10-03 at 16:16 – 120 Tranquility Road. Illegal burn. Large pile of brush in stone-enclosed structure. The homeowner was advised to put the fire out and to obtain a burning permit next time. FD remained on scene until the fire was extinguished.

10-05 at 15:15 – I-84 West. Motorcycle versus car. SpeedyDry applied. One patient refusal.

10-05 at 15:28 – I-84 East. Motorcycle accident. Two patients transported on advanced life support.

10-07 at 07:32 – Whittemore Road. Motor vehicle accident. Two cars. No injuries.

10-08 at 15:19 – 83 South St. Electrical problem inside residence. CL&P called to the scene.

10-11 at 15:40 – 15 Caveson Court. Lockout. Friend was worried about the welfare of a neighbor. FD used exterior ladder to obtain access to home.


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