MVFD Calls Weeks of Aug. 24 and 31, 2014

08-25 at 12:26 – 1075 Middlebury Road. Motor vehicle accident. Two cars; two patients. Both patients transported to Waterbury Hospital on basic life support. SpeedyDry applied for fluids.

08-25 at 14:25 – 199 Benson Road. Hazmat incident. Small package with white powder delivered to facility. Used Level A suits to make entry and segregate three employees. Made contact with DEEP, state police, FBI.

08-30 at 13:05 – Route 64. Motor vehicle accident. Scooter off road. No injuries.

09-02 at 11:40 – 63 Middlebury Terrace. Homeowner smelled fireplace. Was unsure of smell and called to have residence metered. Used thermal imager. Nothing found.

09-02 at 12:55 – 268 Central Road. Accidental fire alarm activation by homeowner.

09-02 at 15:36 – 835 Whittemore Road. Fire alarm activation. Water leak in radiant heat pipe, which was leaking into smoke detector.

09-02 at 17:37 –  500 Woodside Ave. Food on the stove. Resident used natural ventilation.

09-02 at 22:22 – I-84 West. FD called to a motor vehicle accident I-84 West. On arrival there were no reported injuries or fire department action needed.

09-03 at 16:11 – Tyler Crossing. Two-car motor vehicle accident with injuries. One patient transported to hospital by FD12. One patient refused treatment. SpeedyDry applied to fluids on the road.

09-05 at 08:27 – 1579 Straits Turnpike. Natural gas odor. Gas release from boilers being shut down caused odor in the air. No problems with the system.


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