Poem a Day – 09-02-14

Poem a Day: New and classic poems provided by the Academy of American Poets

The Forest Formed Gills

Eric Baus

The ventriloquist’s vines fled to an address on the floor of a cumulus pond. The forest formed gills. The tentacles muttered. Eat a bee. Try to project the tiniest star deep beneath this fence. The ravaged shadows repaired in the shade. The numb panorama rewound.

About this poem : “I wanted to make a surrealist nature film about the interplay of elements. I w anted to listen in on the ways in which the air and the water might listen to each other.” – Eric Baus

About Eric Baus
Eric Baus is the author of “The Tranquilized Tongue” (City Lights Books, 2 014). He teaches at Regis University and lives in Denver.

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