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1. Who was the first Boston Red Sox player to have three seasons of 50 or more stolen bases?
2. When was the last time before 2013 (Chris Tillman) that a Baltimore Orioles pitcher won at least 16 games in a season?
3. In 2013, Atlanta’s Tony Gonzalez set an NFL record for consecutive seasons (11) with at least 70 receptions. Who had he been tied with at 10?
4. Name the last team other than North Carolina or Duke to start ACC play 10-0 in men’s basketball before Miami did it in 2012-13.
5. In 2014, Ken Hitchcock moved into third place on the St. Louis Blues’ all-time list for coaching victories (124). Who is ahead of him?
6. Entering 2014, when was the last time Liverpool won the Premier League men’s soccer championship?
7. Name the last boxer to defeat current IBF and WBA heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, and what year was it?

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1. Jacoby Ellsbury (2008, ’09, ’13).
2. It was Mike Mussina, with 18 wins in 1999.
3. The Raiders’ Tim Brown (1993-2002).
4. Virginia, in 1981.
5. Joel Quenneville (307 victories) and Brian Sutter (153).
6. It was 1990, when it was the Football League First Division.
7. Lamon Brewster, in 2004.

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