Sports Quiz 060614



1. Who is the only full-time designated hitter to win an A.L. batting title?
2. Entering 2014, who held the Cincinnati Reds’ record for most stolen bases in one game?
3. Since 1970, five NFL coaches have reached the conference championship game in each of their first two seasons. Who is the only one of them to do it for three seasons?
4. In 2013, Wichita State became the second No. 9 seed in NCAA men’s basketball history to reach the Final Four. Who was the first?
5. Who holds the NHL record for most saves in a regulation-time shutout?
6. When was the last time before 2014 that the U.S. failed to medal in Olympic speedskating?
7. Name the only PGA golfer to be a wire-to-wire winner of the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Answers – Scroll down

1. Seattle’s Edgar Martinez hit .356 in 1995.
2. Ryan Freel, with five in 2005.
3. San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh (2011-2013).
4. Penn, in 1979.
5. Ben Scrivens had 59 saves for Edmonton in 2014.
6. It was 1984.
7. Fred Couples, in 1992.

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