Taking pets on the road


DEAR PAW’S CORNER: We’re planning to drive across the country and want to bring along our dogs, Trudy and Jake. We’ve never done a trip like this before, though, and I hear that there are not many pet-friendly hotels or campsites. Is that true? – Carl C., Trenton, N.J.

DEAR CARL: Actually, the number of pet-friendly accommodations in the United States is increasing, with even some high-end hotels offering pet perks such as rooms customized with sleeping areas and food and water dishes. Many campgrounds allow dogs as long as they are leashed and do not disturb other campers.
A number of books and websites are available that list pet-friendly places. Check out BringFido.com to search for places to stay during your trip.
For a cross-country drive, plan your route based on those pet-friendly accommodations. How long do you plan to drive each day? Will you be stopping to sightsee? Are there times when you have to be dog-free (such as going out for a nice dinner), and need to keep them in a safe place like a day kennel?
You’ll also need to keep the dogs safe while in the vehicle, so look into purchasing either dog restraints (sort of a seat belt for dogs of different sizes) or sturdy carriers, or both. Remember to never let the dogs sit alone in the car, even with the windows down – it’s incredibly dangerous.
If you have time before the big drive, try taking the dogs on a long one-day drive or an overnight trip, so both you and they get used to the idea of traveling some distance.
With some careful planning, you can bring your dogs along and have a very enjoyable, safe trip.
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